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Point of Sale Plus

POS Plus is one of the first local products to be integrated to Electronic Credit Card Terminals (ECCT).

Sales transactions involving credit and/or debits cards can be processed quickly thus saving time while reducing errors. POS Plus makes it easy to monitor credit card sales and daily financial returns and leaves you more time to serve your customer and improve sales.

" UBS POS system is user friendly even for cashier who are not IT savy "

Our amazing configurable features:

a man is touching on the screen portal of ubs pos

New Features & Functions Include

Touch Screen

– Intuitive and simple to use
– Reduces input time for each transaction.

Quick Start with Wizards as a guide

– To help users through the setup process and get started on sales quickly
– To help users create new personnel files for different titles or categories such as supervisor, cashier and others.

Electronic Credit Card Terminal integration

– Makes processing Credit and / or debit cards payment a breeze.

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