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AutoCount in Malaysia:
The Best Accounting Software

AutoCount is compatible to integrate with various software and system starting from RM900. GET YOUR AutoCount NOW.

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What Is Autocount Software System?

AutoCount accounting software is a comprehensive business solution that combines various functionalities such as accounting, inventory control, invoicing, payroll, and point-of-sale (POS) capabilities into a single application. This integrated software streamlines business operations and is suitable for a wide range of businesses, offering a seamless and efficient way to manage various aspects of their operations.


Why Choose Autocount?

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Flexible & Scalable

This software is adaptable to align with the specific preferences of a business, and it has the capability to expand its functionalities to accommodate the evolving needs of a growing business.

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Autocount Software easy to customize enabling businesses to adapt the accounting system to their specific requirements.

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Automatically and systematically to handle your transaction, inventory, sales and product processes to reduce the need for manual data entry.

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Reports & Analysis

Provides robust reporting and analysis tools, allowing businesses to gain insights into their financial performance.

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Time & Cost Savings

Provides automating processes, minimizing the risk of manual errors, and optimizing efficiency.

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Flows of Documents

One screen displays the entire flow of related documents, from non-accounting papers to business billing details.

Autocount Accounting, Billing, Stock Control

All-in-One solution, user-friendly software and easy customizable accounting that saves times and costs, keeps your financial reports on tracked and precise. And supports businesses compliance and growth.

Empowering SME Business Effortlessly With Autocount Cloud Accounting Solutions

A Complete And Compliant Accounting Software. That’s Accessible When And Where You Need It. Cloud Accounting provides auto-updated system in your daily needs. Safe and sound with handling in your secured database. The Features include Free consultation, supportive training, professional support, accountant friendly, complete solution, and seamless transaction.

Your Trusted HR & Autocount Cloud Payroll System

A well-known business management software with over 300,000 installations nationwide that can help organizations to lower operating cost and reduce the risk of miss calculation. The Autocount Payroll enable to make your leave application, status checking and approval process through your smart phones, reduce your paper works.

Autocount On The Go - Information at your Fingertips

AOTG, Check your business anytime, anyway with your EXISTING notebook, phones or tablets. It is easy to implement regardless remote office and branches. Moreover, AOTG helps accountant to spend their precious time to provide more value-added service to their clients.

Autocount POS - From Retail to Accounting, From Front-end to Back-end.

It is not just a POS, it is widely use to integrate with inventory control, sales, purchase and accounting modules addition with SST Compliant and posting. You can fully take control by granting users authorization such as Centralized Security Control, Price check & pricing control, Access Right Setting, Audit Trail and Tracking.

Get Your Autocount Now Avaialble In Malaysia

Autocount Accounting analysis for the strategy achievement

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