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Introducing to e-Time Attendance iFace Biometric Device

Top 5 Features Why AutoCount HRMS is The Choice to Manage Your HR & Payroll.

Understandable at A Glance

Access right control enable to restrict view of every employee/ user for overall information. All employees able to apply leave, apply claim, check leave, check claim balance & download payslip through ESS portal.

Compliance with Statutory & Bank

Integrated with local bank electronic payments, compliant with latest statutory regulations of PCB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and HRDF.


Easily to manage your company hierarchy chart with powerful visualize tool, have intelligent reminder advice you on your employee’s statutory or personnel setting. And say goodbye to Excel HR Letter template, you can build and prepare your own style HR letter in a single click.

Secured Data

AutoCount Sdn Bhd host their payroll at Microsoft Azure which is one of the secure platforms in the world. You also can setup 2 factor Authentication to your login to have an additional protection on your account access.

Powerful Functions

AutoCount HRMS enable you to create your own formula in Allowance, Deduction, OT or etc., without any additional system changes to satisfy your company calculation need. You also can design your company payslip on your own without any extra cost and support.

AutoCount HRMS
now can integrate with your
AutoCount Accounting

You can post your payroll transaction into your accounting software by using web service API

integration between autocount cloud accounting to autocount accounting

You can stay connected with your payroll system through

Autocount HRMS

Make your leave application, status checking and approval process through your smart phones, reduce your paper works.

payroll autocount that is being displyed from the mobile device

HRMS System Software Modules

HRMS Software Modules Basic Premium
e-Leave Module
e-Claim Module
Employee Self-Service Portal
Employee Profile Management
PCB Calculator with Pre-filled Data capabilities for verification in LHDN calculator
Calendar Maintenance
Employee Salary
Statutory Type
Report Modules
Electronic Payment
Payroll (Commission / Claim / Bonus / Ad-hoc)
eApproval (Leave and Claim)
Single User
Multiple User
Email Notifications
Loan Repayment Scheduler
Formula calculations
Report Designer
Direct Bank Integration
Multiple Bank Account Payout
Advanced Calendar
Support (Online Chat / Tutorial Video)
Individual Account Security Feature: 2-Factor Authentication

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the security measures AutoCount HRMS takes to protect your data:

  • Developed using one of the best Cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure
  • 2-factor authentications
  • 24/7 security monitoring

We provide you with the ability to access your data easily. Without your consent, it will never be shared with or sold to a third party. You will have full access to your information, at any time so long as your account is active.

  • As we are using Microsoft azure service, hence, the service up time from azure is important.
  • Back-up servers to avoid service disruptions if a piece of hardware fails
  • Performance monitoring around-the-clock to detect any issues and address them promptly.

In order to support your ongoing success, AutoCount HRMS provides the following support services to our customers:

  • Flexible support options available online and offline – Email, phone and chat.
  • Support during standard business hours – Monday through Friday, 9am – 6pm (Malaysia time)
  • A skilled and well-trained team of support professionals.
  • Users can submit an unlimited number of support tickets, at no additional cost.
  • Frequent enhancement cycles, with new features rolled out several times each year.
  • Upgrades that require little or no effort and minimal disruption on your part (usually during off-peak hours). Adopt a formal mechanism for gathering customer feedback and suggestions, and then incorporating this feedback into the product road map.

We have given careful thought on how the user interface and app are designed, from both a technical and usability standpoint. Below are some of the features we’ve built in to make the system as customizable and user friendly as possible:

  • The ability to support formula calculations
  • The ability to limit functionality and visibility by role, providing a tailored user experience

We aimed to provide convenient and flexible contract options to address the broadest range of budget needs. Here’s how it works:

The service is made available to you on a monthly subscription and per user basis through an effective subscription mechanism. This avoids substantial upfront costs associated with on-premise installation. Subscribe only the number of employees you have on your company payroll. You may contact our sales consultant or email to sales to obtain an accurate quotation.

AutoCount Payroll Security

We know that security is job one in the cloud and how important it is that you find accurate and timely information about AutoCount HRMS security . One of the best reasons to use AutoCount Payroll for your HR and Payroll is to take advantage of its wide array of security tools and capabilities. These tools and capabilities help make it possible to ensure secure data and transactions on the secure HRMS platform. AutoCount HRMS provides confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data, while also enabling transparent accountability.

To help you better understand the collection of security controls implemented within AutoCount HRMS from both the customer’s and AutoCount operations’ perspectives, this white paper, “Introduction to AutoCount Security”, is written to provide a comprehensive look at the security available with AutoCount Payroll.

We have Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is used for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), or, formerly, its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The protocol is therefore also often referred to as HTTP over TLS, or HTTP over SSL.

To Secure your communication between your system (Laptop/Phone/Tablet ,..) and AutoCount HRMS’s Server, we have implemented HTTPS. This feature will prevent any third party involvement within any transaction.

We Host in Microsoft Azure

Azure public cloud services support the same technologies millions of developers and IT professionals already rely on and trust. When you build on, or migrate IT assets to, a public cloud service provider you are relying on that organization’s abilities to protect your applications and data with the services and the controls they provide to manage the security of your cloud-based assets.

Azure’s infrastructure is designed from facility to applications for hosting millions of customers simultaneously, and it provides a trustworthy foundation upon which businesses can meet their security requirements.

In addition, Azure provides you with a wide array of configurable security options and the ability to control them so that you can customize security to meet the unique requirements of your organization’s deployments. This document helps you understand how Azure security capabilities can help you fulfill these requirements.

For further information, please visit Microsoft Azure Security Introduction in link below:

We store hashed passwords

Passwords remain the primary means for online authentication and must be protected when stored on a server. Encryption is a two-way function; what is encrypted can be decrypted with the proper key. Hashing, however, is a one-way function that scrambles plain text to produce a unique message digest. With a properly designed algorithm, there is no way to reverse the hashing process to reveal the original password. An attacker (or even our own programmers) who may access to hashed passwords cannot reverse hashed password to original one.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll has learned from other companies mistakes and store every password in Hash Format.

Employee Group Access

AutoCount HRMS, has implemented Employee Group Access which allows you to show or not to show any employee’s details to other payroll users within your company.

We Have Implemented Access Rights

AutoCount HRMS has implemented access rights for all existing fields in Payroll Platform. Subscriber of payroll can decide to give or not to give access to any or all part of payroll to any or all other users who have been invited to subscriber’s company.

Performa Invoice is used to let users know the payment details before the original invoice is generated.

Invoice is an official invoice; it will be generated once the user makes payment.

Receipts will be generated by payment gateway & sent to your email.

It will be located at “Administration > Billing Tab”.

It will be group into 2 parts:

(a) Unpaid (list out the Performa Invoice)

(b) Is Paid (list out the Invoice)

Performa Invoice will be generated 3 days before subscription end date.

Subscribers are advised to make payment before subscription end date.

Yes, AutoCount HRMS will auto send email to remind the subscribers.

  • 7 days before subscription end date
  • 3 days before subscription end date
  • the subscription end date
  • 3 days after subscription end date

It is located at Subscription Portal > Payment > Unpaid Bill Items > Payment Advices.

There are 2 parts here.

Users will need to go to Unpaid Bill Items, tick the items, then click ‘Proceed Payment’.

To make payment, the user will need to go to Payment Advices, click ‘Pay’.

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