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Are You Ready to Leave HR Struggles Behind?

Managing human resources (HR) can be an arduous task, particularly without a proper system in place. Even with a system, manually inputting payroll data, leave and attendance information into Excel spreadsheets can be inconsistent and messy. As a business owner, your focus should be on growing your business instead of getting caught up in employee HR issues.

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Overloaded with manual tasks & repeated cross-checks

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Not updated with
LHDN compliance

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Tired of managing employee
information records manually

Benefits with Paybun

Paybun is a cloud-based HR solution designed to alleviate the stress of managing your company's HR processes. With Paybun, you can automate payroll, leave and attendance tasks seamlessly. Whether you're on your mobile phone or computer, accessing Paybun from anywhere allows you to effortlessly monitor and stay informed about your company's HR status. Say goodbye to messy HR processes and the accompanying stress, as Paybun takes care of it all for you.

Modules Of Paybun

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Automates & streamlines your payroll process.

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HR Core

Easy to manage HR processes

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Manage leave with customize workflow & leave entitlement.

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Hassle-free attendance tracking

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Allow your employees to submit claims/expenses easily.

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Recruitment Onboarding

Reduce the turnaround time workforce onboarding process.

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Embarks new employees into mandatory training courses.

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Support short-term transactional procurement activities to increase efficiency.

Advanced Features of Paybun

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Employee Service Center
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Analytics Board
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Google Map With Distance Integration
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Google Calendar (Outlook)
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Touch N Go Upload
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Modern Rostering Feature
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Administration Of Training
Pre onboarding process for successful candidates
Pre-onboarding process for successful candidates
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Certified by LHDN
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