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  • The company is at least 60% owned by Malaysian.
  • The company registered under SSM/PBT.
  • The co-operative registered under Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM)/Lesen Professional.
  • Company  must have a minimum annual sales turnover of RM50,000.
  • Not eligible for those who received Digitalisation Matching Grant before.


Get your Matching Grant up to RM 5,000 with MSME Digitalisation Initiative

Required Documents

Required Documents Type of Entity
Sdn Bhd Registered
Before 31 Jan 2017
Sdn Bhd Registered
After 31 Jan 2017
Sole Proprietor
Completed SME Digitalisation
Initiative Application Form
Copy of Identity Card or Passport
Copy of business registration licenses
• Form 9, 24, 49, and M&A
• Form 13 (if any)
• Section 17, 14, and 58
• Section 28 and 78 (if any)
• Form A / B
• Form A / B
Audited financial statement for the last
financial year and/or the latest management account
Company’s bank statement for
the last two (2) months
Company’s profile (if any)
Invoice/billing and service agreement with
the SME company stamp and signature
Proof of Payment
Any other information and documents as and
when required by the bank
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How to Apply?

Step 1

MSME submit application online.

Step 2

Eligibility check & KYC.

Step 3

MSMEs make payment to Digitalisation Partners (DPs).

  • MSMEs required to make payment within 30 days
  • Digital payments (via platform) simplify reconciliation.
  • Payments directed to BSN CASA account.

Step 4

DPs deliver service & submit claims.
*DPs can submit claims post service delivery.

Step 5

BSN disburses grant to DP(s)
*Grant disbursed to BSN CASA account.

How to start if I am interested?

Fill up the form, and our customer service will assist you

Frequently asked Question

SME Digitalisation Initiative is a new grant initiative provided by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) to adopt Digitalisation in their business operations.As announced in Malaysia’s 2020 Budget presentation, the Government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000.00 per company over a period of 5 years for the subscription of digital services that will enhance their productivity and competitiveness.
  1. Grant
    This matching grant is limited to one (1) application per SME only, however, SMEs are allowed to apply up to three (3) digital services with one (1) or more service providers that are endorsed by MDEC (“Service Provider”).

  2. Availability
    This grant facility is provided by the Government for a period of five (5) years beginning from 17th February 2020 or upon reaching 100,000 applications, whichever comes first

  3. Fees
    No fees imposed.
Who is eligible to apply for SME Digitalisation initiative?
  1. The company must be at least 60% owned by Malaysian;
  2. The company must be registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia and classified as SME; 
  3. For SMEs which have been in operation for one (1) year, the SME is required to have an annual minimum sales turnover of RM100,000.00 for the first year; and 
  4. For SMEs which have been in operation for two (2) years or more, the SME is required to have a minimum sales turnover of RM50,000.00 for the preceding two (2) consecutive years.
Applications are to be attached with the following supporting documents:
  1. Copy of Identity Card or Passport of Director (s) / Partner (s) / Proprietor(s), whichever is applicable.
  2. Copy of business registration licenses (CCM, Form A/B, Form 24 & 49 and M&A or any similar forms under the Companies Act 2016).
  3. Audited financial statement for the last financial year and the latest management account. (if any) or evidence of sales turnover (if any).
  4. Company’s bank statement for the last two (2) months.
  5. Company’s profile (if any).
  6. Invoice/billing and service agreement from authorized vendor listed by MDEC.
How to apply for SME Digitalisation Initiative?
  1. The SME must contact and appoint one or more panel of Service Providers listed by MDEC to perform any of the Digitalisation services available (maximum of 3 services).
  2. The SME is to submit the application form with all the supporting documents required to the nearest BSN branch.
  3. Once the SME’s application is approved, subject to the total invoice amount, the Bank will make a direct 50% payment of the total invoice amount or up to RM5,000.00 to the Service Provider in one lump sum payment or in stages based on the Bank’s discretion.