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From Retail to Accounting F&B, From Front-end to Back-end.

Link your daily retail sales by pressing one button.

Top 5 Features Why AutoCount POS is The Great Choice of Your Retail Business.

flexibility to personalized the system to align with your specific operational needs and reporting preferences.

It Is Not Just a POS (Point Of Sales)

We integrate effectively with inventory control, sales, purchase and accounting modules addition with SST Compliant and posting friendly from retail to your accounting.

Retail Your Business System Uniqueness

If fascinating standard features and reports cannot reach your requirement, you can customize the system to meet your distinct requirements of function and report such as Report Designer, Create your own User-Defined Fields (UDF), Software SDK and Web API for software integration.

Nothing is Out of Control Under Your Authorization

You can fully control on accessibilities and user authorization by decide who does what, trach who did what such as Centralized Security Control, Price check & pricing control, Access Right Setting, Audit Trail and Tracking.

Flexible and Suitable for Any Size Software

The system is flexible to handle from standalone to multi branches, from single cashier to multiple cashier and from simple to complex retailing operation.

Comprehensive and analytical report

Data is stored, and report is created. You can have your own sales analysis report with real time status via mobile Apps and email notification for daily sales closing. You also can have Multiple Outlet Management, Real Time Synchronization, Offline Protection, Support various e-wallets.

Real Time Update On Your Database

APOS facilitates the seamless flow of up-to-date information within your organization. Its synchronization capabilities enable you to export master files from terminals to headquarters. Your point of sale (POS) transactions will instantly update data in AutoCount Accounting.

APOS Front End Modules

APOS functions as an Offline POS system featuring real-time data synchronization. Each POS terminal operates autonomously with its own database, ensuring that any malfunction on a particular PC does not disrupt the operation of other POS terminals.

Within APOS, you have the ability to print your receipts quickly using character-based printing, resulting in clear and easily readable receipts.

APOS enables you to temporarily pause the process of entering a transaction bill and resume it later as needed.

In APOS, you have the option to print a cash receipt either immediately after an item is scanned or after payment has been made.

APOS facilitates multiple payment options within a single receipt, including cash, credit card, debit card, vouchers, and checks.

APOS permits credit sales, where items are sold with the understanding that customers will make payment at a later date.

In APOS, you have the flexibility to apply discounts either on individual stock items or on the total transaction amount (row discount or total discount). With supervisor approval via password, you can adjust unit prices and input discounts.

From the POS terminal, you can easily check the on-screen stock quantity available in your outlet, as well as in other outlets and at the headquarters. Transactions processed on each POS terminal are synchronized and updated back to the main database server at HQ.

To search for a stock item in APOS, simply press "enter" in the search column, and it will display a list of all available stock items for you to choose from.

Integrate your e-Wallet with Autocount POS

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