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From Retail to Accounting, From F&B to Back end.

Link your daily retail sales by pressing one button.

Top 5 Features Why AutoCount POS is The Choice of Your Retail Business.

Not Just a POS

We integrate effectively with inventory control, sales, purchase and accounting modules addition with SST Compliant and posting friendly from retail to your accounting.

Retail Your Business Uniqueness

If fascinating standard features and reports cannot reach your requirement, you can customize the system to meet your distinct requirements of function and report such as Report Designer, Create your own User-Defined Fields (UDF), Software SDK and Web API for software integration.

Nothing is Out of Control

You can fully control on accessibilities and user authorization by decide who does what, trach who did what such as Centralized Security Control, Price check & pricing control, Access Right Setting, Audit Trail and Tracking.

Suitable for Any Size

The system is flexible to handle from standalone to multi branches, from single cashier to multiple cashier and from simple to complex retailing operation.

Get the Story Told

Data is stored, and report is created. You can have your own sales analysis report with real time status via mobile Apps and email notification for daily sales closing. You also can have Multiple Outlet Management, Real Time Synchronization, Offline Protection, Support various e-wallets.

Integrate your e-Wallet with Autocount POS.