Information at your Fingertips
by Autocount On The Go

AOTG, Check your business anytime, anyway with your EXISTING notebook, phones or tablets.

The Reasons Why AutoCount On The Go is The Choice for You Access Anywhere, Anytime.

Discover why AutoCount Accounting is the fastest growing accounting software in Malaysia.


No data will permanently be stored in Cloud because your data security will be always at our top priority. Your company will not be impacted even if another company’s server is compromised, dedicated data is allocated to each company for data communication between AutoCount Server and our Website.

Data Ownership

Your data will be stored only in your server. We believed that you own your data, you should be able to retrieve your full data anytime.


AOTG is backed with back end AutoCount engine, which is robust, trusted, proven by its product history.


As Database is reside at your premises, office operation will not be impacted by Internet condition.


AOTG works in multiple platforms. You can easily access your HQ Server Account via browser and mobile apps with no location dependency.


AOTG allow user to access company information at any internet connection available place with your existing device. No changes to office internet operation, internal staff still can enjoy Autocount as it is.


How Autocount On The Go improve your business.

Remote office and Branches

Simple to setup as No fixed IP, No DDNS, No extra port to be opened in firewall, no extra software to be installed. Reuse most of your IT investment to centralize company stock and accounting data.


AOTG helps accountant to spend their precious time to provide more value-added service to their clients. With AOTG, their clients can view their company latest information with existing devices.

Mobile User

Place order immediately when you close sales. Your order is immediately sent back to office for further processing. Information such as stock level and price help you better negotiate with customers.

Business Owner / Manager

With information on your fingertips you won't lost any opportunity.